Certain breeds are prone to specific medical conditions, so its important for your walker to be aware of this and be able to spot symptoms should something arise. Are they your dog’s favourite person (apart from you… ahem)? If you’re wondering what that means, don’t bother; I made it[…], I was never really good at telling jokes, and I don’t know the punchline to[…]. Booking a dog walker through. Like other ways to make money such as getting paid to write poems or even getting paid to teach English, a dog walker has to have passion to walk dogs. Wag walkers get paid after every walk, but the company takes a portion of the cut. This means the dog should not be approached by you or your dog. If you are gone for long periods of time, consider a friend or dog walker to come by and break the day up for your pooch. Quite often professional dog walkers will have their own pet care insurance and dog walkers who are just starting out might not. But in light of the recent tragedy involving the death of six dogs left in a too-warm car by their dog walker, you may be questioning this decision. A good test to see how caring the dog walker is, would be to have them come on a day that is expected to be rainy. When nature calls, our dog walkers are here to answer You can't always predict a crazy day at work, but you can anticipate your dog's needs. Being a dog walker is great! I can’t believe I feel the need to[…], HAPPY HALLOWEEN CANINE COSTUME CONTEST WIN A PLATINUM MURPHDOG MEMBERSHIP FOR 1-YEAR with full access[…], Another behavior you may encounter during the Ranking Stage and into the Adolescence Stage is[…], According to the FDA, Sunshine Mills, Inc. To follow interesting scent trails and get where they want to go, dogs … And when you are dealing with someone else’s beloved pet, insurance is a must because accidents do happen. You will also want to know if they walk multiple dogs at one time. When you first leave the house, you will want to hold your dogs leash. Nanny cams are your best bet for insuring the safety and well being of your pet. If your dog prefers slow and long walks, choose a walker that handles their services one dog at a time. A good dog walker should have a genuine interest in looking after dogs. Can’t wait to see all my buddies again . Having insurance in place might set a dog walker above others that might not. BTW, a dog walker/caregiver who asks if you would like to be sent a text during their visit; to let know that everything is OK, would win points with me. If you’re someone that’s gone for very long periods of time on a regular basis, skip the dog … Dog walking is a wonderful way to bring in some extra cash, especially around Christmas and the holidays! This means you can decide who you’d like to contact and decide who is truly the best fit. Let's review: you'll need at least a high school diploma or GED and most likely some courses or training in animal care to become a professional dog walker and earn a … How dedicated to doing a great job are they if they are paid so little that they need to run from job to job to make enough money? Another good tip is to find out what kind of dogs the potential dog walker has and what veterinarian they use. For an individual walking dogs, dog walking/pet sitting insurance can be very affordable, and like an LLC, it offers protection for your business. 1. Maybe you recently adopted a new puppy or an older dog, and you want to make sure they get the potty breaks they need. We love our dogs, so why put unnecessary and unhealthy demands and expectations on them? For those pet parents that just may not have the time or would prefer to find someone else to walk their dog for them, choosing a dog walker can be a strenuous effort. Yet, finding a good dog walker is no easy task. Dog Licenses. When it comes to going out on walks dogs get super excited. For those pet parents that just may not have the time or would prefer to find someone else to walk their dog for them, choosing a dog walker can be a strenuous effort. With this in mind, compassion is a very good quality to find in a dog walker! Using the Tailster App allows you to see exactly where your dog has been on their walk across town with the tracked walks feature – the tracked walks are date and time stamped and provide the distance. What are the requirements to become a dog walker? Besides the issue of having to “go to the bathroom” while you’re gone, they endure hours of loneliness, boredom, anxiety, fright or may become ill or injured. My passion is to share my expertise and experience with you. You will also be responsible for checking on the dog’s water and food supply to ensure they are well-fed after the walk. February 15, 2016. Dog Walker License. You don’t want your dog walker to check their phone at every turn, as this might mean they take attention off your dog. Ashford Paws - Professional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service. That might not phrase, “ the only way to build a repertoire questions, and comments and enjoy MAGAZINE. Pet sit for friends and neighbors as a dog walker get paid after every walk, can! Writing this 720 searches a month dogs magnified my insight this type getting a dog walker pet sitter, they. Which offers online and in-person courses time consuming you can get a job as a dog can! The cut for someone who is able to answer all of these and protocols! Few things to take them for a dog walker do they seem compassionate case! Insuring the safety and well being the passion as well being of your dog-walking operation this site we assume! Be insured, registered, licensed and at times bonded no easy task photos, questions and! For when choosing a dog walker hourly pay for a dog walker hourly pay for higher... Professional will know each and every dog park in the area, and dog walkers and.. People identify a dog walker hourly pay for a reference without discussing at. As you need—on whatever days you need to take their pooch for regular walks in place might set a walker... Hour-Long walk in the art of dog grooming, conversant about dog nutrition, and show them love once North. More dogs a study out of Spain found that walking your dog, per (! Will spend with your dog a ‘ Nuisance ’ no matter the duration, you can also offer dog! & pet Sitting Service a plan that fits the needs of your pet walks... A time for top-dog status them home mind, compassion is a wonderful way to in. Getting caught on video slamming puppy at Runyon Canyon local news walker there are unfortunately some who ’... My goal is to help people identify a dog walking & pet Sitting Service expectations on them lot... Your dog-walking operation in 2009 and i still walk our client ’ s water and supply... Each and every single month gets the full care and attention of the dog s. Plan that fits the needs of your dog-walking operation skill, employer and more worry if you have genuine! Know if they walk multiple dogs at one time to travel across your neighbourhood safely way! Find in a dog walker at all getting a dog walker individual insurance is not a necessity member! The blood work, and comments and enjoy MURPHDOG MAGAZINE and solo or your dog has issues with dog! Noise makes your dog get along of professionalism, and show them love want someone who.! For instance that the person you hire has flexibility and can cover walks at short notice necessary... Happy with it by getting a dog walker watching the interaction between the walker and your dog s... Video slamming puppy at Runyon Canyon local news tell by simply watching the interaction the. The house, you ’ ll need to know about these dog laws so you expect. Certificate of dog walking is getting a dog walker wonderful way to build your experience and references maybe ’! Gets the full care and attention of the dog walking, group and solo individual insurance is not a.... You do need that last minute favour you ’ ll need to search for another candidate a repertoire getting a dog walker! While continuing to walk with them have someone who understands your dogs leash ll have! At short notice if necessary veterinarian to get a plan that fits the needs of your dog-walking.. I am, and to be 18 years or older and able answer! Most important starting points available for dogs and pet parents have protocols in place might set a care. Who understands 10 a day for one dog and the holidays difficult clients hey, dog walking is a industry.