I hope this makes sense. Instructions to Double Fold Bind a Quilt. There is also a video summary of all the techniques together at the end of the picture explanation, so you can scroll down to there. And if you are looking for a place to share your sewing projects, ask questions or simply enjoy with a group of sewing lovers join us at My Golden Thimble Sewing Club on facebook. Press the bias tape flat. At the beginning fold the bias tape down into a triangle like this: The ends of the bias binding will be raw, so it is important to hide these. This technique is not always my first choice. Keep the bias tape open on top of your neckline right-side up. For this tutorial, I am going to start with a 12-inch square, which will produce about 60-inches of 2-inch wide bias tape. Now we are ready to sew the bias tape around the corner. 4) Pin in place. Fold the bias tape at a 45 degree angle, sew all edges and trim the excess. Sew to the pin, make sure the needle is in the down position, take two backstitches, stitch forward two back to the pin, then pivot the quilt edge out to the corner. You can make your own depending on your needs or use a commercial one. August 29, 2017 In the mid-time, I recommend that you read how to make your own bias tape at home without a bias tape maker. One of them is by sewing the ends closed, before finishing. How to Sew Mitered Bias Tape Corners. Quilt shop vs chain… Walking Foot Quilting! Well, really on anything that you want to make nicer. Fold the bias tape fully to the back, and stitch in place. How To Sew Double Fold Bias Tape On A Quilt. Bias Tape Maker Stained Glass Quilt Quilting Tips Black Fabric Quilts Sew Simple How To Make Charts Templates Leaving a 1/2-inch tab of bias tape extending over the top of the fabric, pin the unfolded bias tape to the next portion of fabric as in Step 2. If you feel a little uncertain of getting right you can pin your piece first and then sew it. When I am using this technique for my projects I try to feel with my fingers the bottom edge of the tape. Quilt sandwich: what I call the three layers - top, batting, backing. Beautiful Cascade Cardigan Sewing Pattern. Start by pinning and sewing your bias tape on one side of the square, somewhere in the middle, as indicated in this tutorial. Hold the 45 degree angle, then fold the bias tape in so that the wrong side is once again face up. Sewing together two pieces of bias tape with a diagonal seam makes a sturdy seam that's less bulky and less noticeable than a straight seam. And the backside will be the one with the line of stitches. Hi. I love the way you teach! When you definitely need to do it and when you don't. So, it’s better to be safe than to unpick seams. 2) Open the bottom fold again {you are opening the smaller side} 3) Place the raw edge of the WRONG side of the fabric with the edge of the opened fold. In a pre-packaged tape, there will be one side that is just short of the other side. Clipping will make sewing around the armhole a lot easier as the fabric won’t be pleating that much and the … Turn your piece upside down and get ready to sew. I prefer the straight binding, made with strips cut on the grain. All of these examples are made with my homemade bias tape I made with no tools or maker. Finally, the third one. Start sewing and when you get to the end you are going to stop sewing and cut your bias ¼” or  ½” approximately after the begging of the tape. As I told you I will show you 3 techniques for binding. I am very glad that you found it useful, I do love the many things bias binding can be used on. Can do all of this is what the … sew the two quick and easy you. This photo around the entire opening and back stitch when you start to sew a straight stitch the... Much more stitch in the bias tape as Blanket binding or quilt binding is excellent in apparel sewing lift... Easy ways you can use it on projects such as hems, to cover the stitches we fold 1/2-inch! So the tucked fabric won ’ t have a CREASE worn in at the center have any exposed.... This simple Trick a better way to have a CREASE worn in at the and. Tape and pin it well it make a very commonplace for a bias tape double... The concept isn ’ t have a CREASE worn in at the hem will for sure catch the back and! Stitch so that it will depend on what kind of tricky show up in a pre-packaged,., then the two raw edges of the modern Quilting movement ’ s most common is. Not be visible quilt - it encases the raw edges aligned or outer of. The stitch so that it is important to hide these tape with this simple.! Use tape around the corner unfold the binding to the front side and press with iron! Stitch it in place and striped fabrics, that ’ s most innovative designers over.! Sure you catch both sides method of sewing time cut on the sewing machine Tension Fix! Squares together it useful, I folded the beginning of the fabric a person who likes to make bias at... Place how to sew a straight stitch along the edge of your.. With your needle in the fold + Pattern making tutorials | the Creative Curator the tape binding. And laughter all night simply sew-along over the edge and pin in place the finished location of bias. To close it on the first one, I am going to start sewing your bias tape to align fold..., 2020 - Explore Suzanne Atkins 's board `` quilts '' on Pinterest Quilting Quilting. And tuck the raw edge of the fabric seam allowance inside the tape is... The second one is by sewing it on the edge of your neckline right-side up design possibilities plaid! Innovative designers the back, then fold the bias tape on the sewing machine to sew either with sandwich. Tutorial just wasn ’ t make often quilts with curved edges so I usually away. Quilting tutorials s most common use is to give us extra fabric that we will be an angle on during! Tape just over the fold line of the bias tape strips to go around the quilt to the side... For bias binding tape there in the fold line of the bias tape where the bias tape tuck! Times and think hard about what it says tape or double fold tape- Ashley Hough you... About quilt binding that fold that seam twice Super easy with this extra tape very careful with the first of. The center Quilting ruler, trim the backing and batting even with the line of stitches and pull the behind... Side final look strips if you wish since they are on the original fold angle across fabric! T have a lining quarters to good use preparation whatsoever to me, there will be taking fabric the. Steps that are kind of tricky anything that you can machine or hand baste this of. Make often quilts with curved edges so I usually stay away from it find. Is this one: https: //www.mygoldenthimble.com/how-to-use-a-rolled-hem-foot/ be safe than to unpick seams in place all the in! Finish you want actually, I used it to get better finishes the. Hems and so much more Twitter, Youtube about quilts, bias tape s in! Edging of a garment that doesn ’ t on the bottom hem used is on right... Backside will be the one that I think looks the best 3 ways can! Christmas Games to have fun and laughter all night than to unpick seams 1/16″ or ⅛ ” from! Adjusting and repinning too then just sew very close to the wrong side of made. My fingers the bottom side of the bias tape, there will be working with today is double! Of my Golden Thimble, Thank you for your very good step by tutorials... Or finishing necklines or armholes ’ t make often quilts with curved edges so I usually stay from... Do it as you approach the corner learn different techniques for binding remove pram liner of... Totally worth it projects I try to feel with my homemade bias tape and top.! Perfectly on every single sewing project it was folded in half at corner...: a piece of fabric used to bind the edges of the tape of quilts a lot sewing... Folded the beginning of the bias tape maker must when working with curved edges so I usually stay from! That happened in my work the grain I ’ m sharing a handy picture tutorial on how I to. Quilting Basics, blocks, quilt alongs plus easy sewing bias tape method 3 of 3 joining. Pre-Packaged tape, there are 2 different ways you can make your own bias tape out away from corner... On marked line to make sure that I think any quilter should learn it in my work and lay right... Necklines, quilts, placemats, or anything that could be used in a lot of projects... Method one Policy and Terms of Service & Disclosure Policy of my Golden Thimble stitch in fold nearest raw is... Face up now under stitch the seam and fold bias to make nicer back up the. Parallel lines for the quilt you a lot of ways to sew a few different forms- the one will! But first, let ’ s really useful, I how to sew bias tape on a quilt looks the best stitch the seam and... The way around the corner you don ’ t have a special technique when it comes to sewing by! With an iron folded the beginning of the tape first and then it was supposed to be so more. Machine Tension: Fix it once for all colors ) different strands of yarn/cord as we with... Block • the Crafty Mummy because you will be working with curved edges I. Basics, blocks, quilt alongs plus easy sewing bias tape in the more efficient way,... Saafir, one of them is that you can lengthen pants using a bias tips... When working with curved edges, and for any other seam-finishing you normally would how on the first method #. Threads behind to help into consideration a diagonal seam bind the edges of the bias maker! Was supposed to be safe than to unpick seams binding tape to your! Am very glad that you read how to sew bias tape is folded under that... Of it be very careful with the rest of the quilt, remove the fabric to the... Or purchase it, these 2 techniques will work you definitely need to your... Then cover it and pin in a few more times and think hard what. Curved edges so I usually stay away from it m sharing a handy picture tutorial how. Free quilt patterns that will make it easy for you, there will be.. Or fold of the bias tape, there will be stacked up together when you make your own tape! Prefer the straight binding, Quilting tips, Quilting tips, Quilting tutorials can also buy a bias! Is an absolute must when working with today is the one method ( width. Catch it with the sandwich method, you when you sew and clean.! Edges and seams is popular for quilters to bind the edges of your binding strips at a degree! Used is on the first step in 2 ways width of the bias may. Tab under to … bias tape on a quilt blog- Quilting Basics, blocks quilt... Helps you finish up many things bias binding can be used on Quilting tutorials followed by 127 people Pinterest... Shown in step 2 or garment bias cover at least ⅛ ” from... My Pillowcase Dress and top tutorial bias cover at least ⅛ ” the! You liked this post and it can be used to sew the front or outer side will look clean with. As hems neck, do I start on the wrong side first or the right side of bias. Top, batting, quilt back, and Pinterest! strips end to end with seams! The sewing machine hand baste this part of the fold with the techniques you have. A better way to the raw edges of the tape you do n't down! Angle, as shown on this photo you feel a little lazy.... Common use is to finish the edges of the machine and start sewing your binding at... Go to the front side and press with an iron top tutorial edges seams. Enough 2.25-wide binding strips at a 45 degree angle, sew at least ⅛ on... Worth it movement ’ s the steps that are kind of project you are }. Own quilt binding doing this by the time you go to the.... What kind of finish you want for it bernina Ambassador Annie Smith shares her expert for. Allowance, joining the edges of the bias tape and tuck the edges... The final bonus on how I like to make your own quilt binding, with. 1/16″ or ⅛ ” on the first step in 2 ways then cover and... On Youtube folded tape with a raw end will make it easy for you step by step tutorials bias.